What Makes Sitta.ca Better Than A Nanny Service


Nanny services. Nanny agencies. Child care agencies. Call them what you will, they all do the same thing: charge a fee to connect parents with child care providers.

Sometimes the care provider pays. Sometimes the parent pays. Sometimes they both pay. But no matter how you look at it, someone is paying, and it's usually not cheap. Sitta.ca makes nanny agencies obsolete. Here's how.

Parent Driven

Sitta.ca is an online marketplace, which means that we allow parents to create job postings with their exact requirements, from budget to special meals, split shifts to helping with homework, and a whole lot of other criteria.

It's also completely free for parents to create a profile and post their jobs on Sitta.ca, whether they're looking for a full time nanny or daycare service, or just a reliable, trusted, occasional babysitter. Parents receive offers, ask questions, review credentials and more, and when they're happy they've found the right fit, they hire the care provider they need.

Free Or Low Cost for Care Providers

Finding great child care clients can be just as tough as finding the right person to take care of your little people, so we wanted to make Sitta.ca as accessible for child care providers as possible.

Care providers can sign up for a free account, get new job notifications by email, and make offers on a limited number of jobs every month. But if they need to make more offers, it's not going to break the bank. A paid individual account will cost just $10 a month, and a professional account with unlimited offers is just $30 a month.

Accounts can be up or downgraded at the end of any cycle too, so care providers can choose exactly what they are comfortable with at all times.

No Additional Fees

That's it. There are no additional fees to use Sitta.ca. No placement fees. No commissions. Nothing. We don't tell parents what they have to pay their care providers, and we don't tell care providers what they will earn. In fact, we don't have anything to do with payments at all. Once you've found each other, everything happens as it normally would - except if you hire a care provider via the Sitta.ca platform, you can both leave each other feedback and reviews at the end of the job.

One Site, Any Device

Unlike nanny services or nanny agencies, where you have to trawl classified sites, click through to websites and hope you can use them on your phone or tablet while you're in the Tim's drive through on the way to a school play you forgot about, Sitta.ca works everywhere. Bookmark it, and access it anywhere, on any device.

As Many Jobs As You Like

Most families need more than one kind of care provider. With Sitta.ca, you can post them all in one place.

Post your nanny jobs, babysitting jobs, daycare near me requirements, pet sitting jobs and elder care needs, all in one place. We don't restrict parents to one or two ads. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, post it here.

Push Notifications

Sitta.ca is designed to send notifications to parents and caregivers. So care givers can see when new jobs are posted, parents can see new offers on their jobs, and both can see new private messages. Just make sure you whitelist www.sitta,ca, so our updates get through!

Private and Convenient

We're all about privacy, so while we do request contact information from our members when they sign up, most of that information is not visible to other members unless you choose to share it. We also allow care providers on certain types of account plan to upload credentials to the site, but you can also send them as an attachment when parents request them.

We do log IP addresses, and we do match them to user accounts, just to make sure that our users are who and where they say they are, but none of that information is ever stored on site, and since we use third party payment processing for paid care provider accounts, your financial information is also never stored here.

The Site We Needed

The truth is, Sitta.ca is a site created by a Canadian parent, for Canadian parents. We built the service we need, and we've made it as accessible and easy to use as possible, because we want everyone to be able to find great child care, and find great child care providers. Join us!



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