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If you've ever tried to find child care in a Canadian city, you know that it can be tough. Availability, affordability and suitability are all issues parents contend with, and since it's mostly decentralized, it means a lot of classified ads, social media group pleas and asking your network for recommendations. Then there are phone calls, emails and more.

We've simplified the process, by creating a platform where parents can post their child care needs, and get offers from local, qualified care providers. Here's how it works:

  1. Create your parent account (it's free, and always will be!)
  2. Post your child care requirements. You can choose whether you need full time, part time or occasional care, set a budget, and stipulate must have credentials and skills.
  3. Get offers from child care providers in your area who meet your needs.
  4. Request copies of documentation, set up site visits for shortlisted candidates and more during the hiring process.
  5. Choose your care provider and award the job. You still pay your child care provider as you normally would. No money ever changes hands on!
  6. Leave a review or rating for your care provider.
  7. Add care providers that you LOVE to your favourites list, so you can find them next time you need them. works for baby sitting, nannies and daycare, as well as respite care, pet sitting and more! It's the quicker, easier and more secure way to find the child care providers you need.

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