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There are lots of people out there looking for child care, but it can be tough to connect with them, because they're all scattered everywhere.

You post ads on classified sites, are active on Facebook groups and hand out flyers or business cards, but it's still tough to find customers you want to work for over and over again. makes it easy, by bringing parents and child care providers together in one easy to use place! Here's how it works for child care providers:

  1. Sign up. There's a free account option that you can choose if you're just testing out the system.
  2. If you offer child care services professionally, and you're ready to upgrade, you could also choose a flat rate of $10 per month for individuals, and $30 for corporate members.
  3. Create your profile. You can add a profile picture, list your credentials, choose the types of care you provide and more. It's like a mini website that does your marketing for you!
  4. Browse the list of available jobs, receive push notifications for new jobs in you area, and get invited to jobs by parents browsing profiles on this site.
  5. Make offers and win jobs.
  6. Get ratings and reviews for excellent service.
  7. Access our dispute process when there's a problem with a client.
  8. And a whole lot more! makes it easy for child care providers to find new clients, market their services, and have access to recourse when something goes wrong.

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