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Finding childcare in Canada is tough. If you're like most people, you rely on a mix of classified ads, social media groups and word of mouth to find people or organizations to care for your children, but none of those methods offer a lot of recourse when something goes wrong.

Sure, you can report infractions to health authorities if they're severe, but what about day to day issues that people should know?

As a child care provider, how do you report when someone doesn't pay what they promised, or they cancel a baby sitting booking at the last minute without notice? helps to give parents and child care providers recourse. Here are some of the built in security features for everyone on

  1. While we don't store any IP information on our servers, we do log all user IPs when they sign up, which means that we can verify that the address in use is genuine.
  2. Users provide address and contact information to sign up to the site.
  3. All users can receive and leave ratings and reviews for other users. This is a powerful tool that helps to ensure that parents and care givers can make informed decisions.
  4. Built in reporting tools. If you believe that a job does not meet our community standards, or a profile is fake or inaccurate, use these tools to report them to us.
  5. A dispute process. If you believe that either a parent or a care giver has done something severe enough to warrant suspension or termination of their account here, use the dispute process on the help ticket system to notify us. We'll review the facts and evidence, and if we agree, we will temporarily or permanently disable the affected account.

We believe that everyone should feel safe and secure when providing or using child care services, so we go above and beyond to make sure that everyone has the tools to protect themselves.

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